Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dead Snow

Let me start this off by saying I'm not going to use any of the actors names because I don't know how to type them with a keyboard (it's a Norwegian film).

Ok, well for all you horror genre fans like me out there. Here comes the best zombie movie I have seen since the remake of Dawn of the Dead. This twist on this zombie tale? They are Nazi zombies that were frozen in the snow.

The movie centers around 7 medical students, well 8 but the first one dies before the opening credits. Didn't anyone teach you not to go wondering around alone when your in a horror film? Well either way, these kids are all on Easter Break and heading to their friends cabin to hang out and have fun. First night there, a creepy old man wanders in and tells the kids about the history of the land. But being normal people, they just laugh it off and continue on their marry way till everything just blows up in their face.

This film was spectacular, simply put I loved every minute of this film and I am very critical of my zombie movies. The soundtrack was German heavy music and played along with the atmosphere of the film. The theme song is a fantastic choice with "Peter and the Wolf".

I can't really speak to much on the acting since it was a German film, it was shown to me using dubbs. I know, upsetting, but the movie was amazing. These zombies are a new breed of zombies that we haven't seen and the closest thing we can come to is Land of the Dead zombies but that doesn't come quite close enough. These zombies were freakishly fast, could climb trees, use weapons... Ridiculous!

There is one scene in familiar that stands out to me and it centers around the death of one of the female characters. It's a first person shot which was fantasically done with all the effects. Which leads me to the effects. Normal zombies have a great deal of decay showing, but since these have been in the snow frozen for all these years, that haven't decayed much which brings more fear into these mindless madmen.

Overall, this film kept me laughing, scared of zombies once more, and showed that truely brilliant shots have yet to be shown to the public. THis film gets a 9.5 out of 10.

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