Friday, December 25, 2009

Sherlock Holmes

Guy Richie has yet to make a movie that I do not thoroughly enjoy. With that said, I have to marvel at yet another one of his movies with one of my new favorite actors, Robert Downey Jr. It has been years since I've read Sherlock Holmes but I believe it's safe to say that Guy Richie did for Sherlock Holmes what J.J. Abrhams did for Star Trek.

Robert Downey Jr. does an immaculate at portraying the opium smoking Sherlock Holmes and while they never actually say that he's smoking opium it's easily apparent that he is out of his mind half the time. When Richie shows us how Holmes goes through his mental process he does it in such a spectacular way. Holmes clearly see's the entire fight through while planning out every action and reaction and explaining the ramifications of his movies.

Jude Law plays Dr. John Watson, Holmes' assistant and physician. Both actors did such a surpurb job at playing such classic characters that you begin to forget they are just actors and not actually best friends who solve crimes together.

Without giving to much of the plot away, Watson is trying to move out of 221 Baker St. and in with his girlfriend Mary, but can't seem to pull himself away from the charismatic Holmes. With a touch of super natural in the mix it brings together one hell of a murder mystery. In right fashion when the story comes to a close, Sherlock explains everything and lays out every little detail that you never even picked up on until now.

Through and through, I've tried to find something that I could say would have been better but I'm at a loss for words here. Even the musical score fit the moods and scenes brilliantly. I don't know how it could have been done better and frankly I don't really think it could have, it lead perfectly into a possible sequel or more without even coming off hokey once. The film was a perfect match of action, comedy, and drama. Without a doubt in my mind one of better films of the year. Sherlock Holmes easily gets a 9 out of 10.

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