Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kick Ass

Let me start off by apologizing for again not keeping up on my movies. But other than that I'd also like to say that I've never read any Kick Ass comics so I have never known anything about the story other than what was in the film.

Going off that, this film was kind of a let down for me. The basic plot of the movie is high school teen David, played by Aaron Johnson, is just like many of us when we were in high school, just surviving. One day he decides he's going to be a super hero, though he doesn't have any super powers, wasn't biten by a radioactive spider, etc. He just starts training to be one. As he goes around stopping petty crimes he finds out that there are others like him who are doing more than just stopping the petty criminals, their going after the mob bosses.

Without giving anymore of the plot away that's about as much as I can write. But the whole movie never really amazes me. It was very bland. While yes, it had funny parts, and was extremely violent, I never really got into the characters enough to relate and root for them to succeed, Other than Hit Girl that is. Chloe Moretz plays this part brilliantly, as the little girl who runs around with Nick Cage (as Big Daddy) and uses fowl language and gratuitous amounts of violence.

This movie set out to be something new among the massive amounts of comic hero movies but stopped about a mile to short. The movie could have had many things that could have used a bit of finesse, like the acting and filming, but for those of you who don't go in with expectations might really enjoy this movie but for me, it never really got to that point. This movie to me isn't an unforgettable movie but it most definitely isn't a forgettable one either. End point,

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