Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Haunting in Connecticut

Relatively new director, Peter Cornwell, bring us a based on a true story horror film cleverly named “The Haunting in Connecticut”. The Haunting in Connecticut follows the true story of the Campbell family when they first move up to a house in Connecticut so that Matt, the eldest son, can live closer to the hospital for his cancer treatment. The story takes place in 1987 when Sara and Matt are on their way home from a treatment center and run into a very old house for rent. The rent is so cheap that Sara begins to question.

The movie takes off from this point but isn’t so much of a new horror film but more of a “jump out of the closet” shocker film. Although, the director stops short in every scare, each scary moment could be seen from miles away. The graphics look beautiful but they end up short-lived because of the lacking in the actual terrifying way.

Strangely enough, you’ll get more fear from Virginia Madsen’s performance as the mother from her god-awful acting. Every scene she’s in, and she is in way to many, you wish that she would just stop acting. Though the true savior of the movie is, obviously, Kyle Gallner, who plays Matt Campbell.

Campbell’s performance as a teen with cancer is nothing short of enjoyable. You route for him to get rid of the sickness while battling his own demons living in this house. Although, when you move into a house, and you choose bedrooms are you really going to give the sick boy the basement to live in? Not to mention creepy factor with the strange doors and the brick walls. To me, that just doesn’t seem like a logical choice.

The movie can pretty much be split into three parts. First is the obvious introduction to the plot and the characters. Second comes all the horror and scare, but remember they stop short of actually terrifying. Then, thirdly, comes the rest of the plot. All of the horror comes about a half hour in to maybe an hour in. After we find out what’s truly going on with this house and it’s “occupants” all the horror is finally over.

With very few decent horror films coming out one would hope and assume that this based on a true story would be terrifying. A real jump out of your seats and keep the lights on movie. But with a PG-13 rating and a director who just didn’t really seem to want to show any real horror, it just drops off as an ordinary horror film. It’s an enjoyable movie to watch but is most definitely not a movie you want to hold your plans and run out to see this movie. I don't know what to say else about this movie, it was entertaining but didn't keep it's drive so it earned 5 out of 10.

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