Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Toy Story 3

Buzz, Woody, Ham, and friends are all back in the new Toy Story 3D. The story of Toy Story is as brilliant as the characters always were with a few changes to advance the story. Andy is now 17 and going away to college and must choose what to finally do with his favorite toys. Though the numbers of toys have dwindled down to a measly dozen, all your favorite toys are back for the adventure of their lives. Once the toys find themselves a new home at Sunny Side Day Care, things aren't always what they seem. New toys are brought into the mix such as Lots o' Hugs, Ken, and others.

The issue with this movie comes less from the story and plays on the emotions we all know, sadness. Unfortunately, throughout this story the Toys just can't seem to catch a break. Time and time again you think that they might have a chance but every single time you end up thinking "These guys just can't get lucky.

The voice acting is great as usual, and there are a good amount of laughs to not make you feel completely bad. The scenes that do have comedy, such as when Buzz starts to speak spanish, are brilliant. Though once again, I attempted to see it in 3D and see the greatness that is in this 3D fad, but this movie it just didn't seem to matter at all. Not once do you have any cheap tricks such as throwing something at the screen or anything like that. But it also didn't deliver on giving the depth that Up felt and Avatar proved to be tolerable.

Overall, the movie was still a Toy Story film and was a good movie, clearly to be the last, and at the end you still feel like your going to love your toys forever. This film proved that no matter how old, sometimes you just want to play with that special old toy. So when push comes to shove this film gets a 5 out of 10.

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