Saturday, July 10, 2010

Despicable Me

Despicable Me, initially a movie that had nothing at all about it in the trailer but a bunch of celebrity names. Second trailer comes in and we find a little more about the movie. So, in case you didn't really pay attention, the best way to describe this movie is a heart felt spy vs spy.

With an A-list cast, and great animation behind it, you really love these characters from beginning to end. Steve Carell plays Gru, the over the hill villain who is determined to get back on top once he finds out that some new villain has stepped in and stolen a Pyramid from Egypt and replaced it with an inflatable copy. Jason Segel joins the cast as Gru's villainous enemy, Vector, who is just starting his carrer as the owner to the Pyramid.

Initially, this movie plays to the children who drug their parents to see it with cutesy humour and child like humor. But then it brings in the adults with a deeper humor (think Shrek movies, but not as obvious). Gru eventually adopts three little orphan girls in order to steal Vector's shrink ray. While at first he puts them off as nuisances but eventually he learns to love them. Gru's mastermind plan once stealing the shrink ray, is to steal the moon, but without funding from the Bank of Evil, he's forced to make changes.

The minions easily became a favorite of mine, even though you can't understand what they are saying with out the Best Buy Minion translator (plugging away at my day job). Though they are much like Kenny from South Park, you can't understand them fully, but still get the gist of what's trying to be past along. While they bring most of the humor, it's really once the kids are introduced to the minions (or cousins as Gru refers to them around the kids) is when the humor really kicks into high gear.

Very few movies this summer has caught my attention enough to come home and write a review, but this movie so far makes my top five without fail. This movie kept me entertained and laughing for the majority of the film and really touches your heart once you start connecting to the character. No animation movie has caught me like this since my first time watching Toy Story. And I'm proud enough to easily give this film an 8 out of 10.

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