Saturday, September 25, 2010

Easy A

Easy A. There really isn’t much to be said on this movie. Initially, walking out of the theater, I was first disappointed in it. Going in I was honestly hoping that it was going to be a funny movie with a lot of sexual undertones. But honestly, it left me wanting more.

Emma Stone plays Olive, a girl going through high school, who wouldn’t show up on your radar if you were looking for her. That is until one day when her best friend finds out that rather than going camping with her, she went on a “date” for the whole weekend. Thus leading her friend to think she lost her virginity. Marianne (played by Amanda Bynes) over hears this and being the Jesus freak that she is, spreads the rumor. And anyone who has been to any high school knows, those kinds of rumors spread fast as all hell.

So Olive slowly gets noticed for the simple fact that she is no longer a virgin. One of her friends, Brandon, who is extremely gay, asks her to pretend they slept together in order to help him not get ridiculed by the school jocks. Thus leading the lie even deeper and creating this image of her that she’s a slut.

The movie moves along at a decent pace and I never once thought that the movie drug on too long. But I did think that the jokes just didn’t connect. Lisa Kudrow plays Mrs. Griffith, a guidance counselor at the school, and where she was once a great actress, her performance just falls short. One scene where she’s suppose to be upset and frazzled, just comes off as terrible acting and made me want to just shut my ears off.

There are plenty of decent names in this movie ranging from Lisa Kudrow to Thomas Haden Church and Malcolm McDowell, but none seem to really get this movie and understand the parts like Emma Stone does. She just shines through and through. Her narration in the movie is both witty and comical without being over the top.

Although some of the jokes just fall flat on their face, there are a good amount of these jokes that just get you off guard and are brilliantly written. The family of Olive is easily one of the best moments in the movie. The father and mother both have some great lines such and their comedic uses are one of the few reasons I would even think about giving this movie another run through.

But as far as a final score, this one left me wanting too much, and I just didn’t seem satisfied by what was given. So thanks to Emma Stone, this movie earns a 5 out of 10.

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